Recycling of concrete
Press-destroying machine MPR-1500
Iron rebar after processing
Concrete rubble secondary


Installations and multifunctional complexes for the processing of large-size reinforced concrete products and construction waste are our solution to the problems with the disposal of heavy and dimensional construction and manufacturing waste.

The company develops technology and produces the whole complex of equipment for non-waste processing and recycling of the main types of construction waste and garbage.
Simple waste disposal at landfills and landfills leads to aggravation of environmental problems and removes secondary resources from turnover, reducing productivity and reducing the profit of enterprises.

The basis of construction waste is brickwork and reinforced concrete products, which have a large weight and dimensions. The cost of their export to landfills is quite high. Having processed this waste, we improve the ecology, save money for removal and utilization, and receive secondary building materials.

How to solve the recycling problem

To solve this problem, our company offers to use automated crushing and screening systems of different configuration and performance on the basis of a unique press-destroying machine MPR-1500 using a variety of crushing equipment.

The use of these systems will allow to process large-sized concrete and brick. As a result to receive secondary crushed stone of different fractions, secondary sand, core and wire fittings.

Ecological compatibility

Recycling of materials left after construction, renovation, demolition or repair of industrial or residential infrastructure allows to reduce the size of landfills and landfills. This has a beneficial effect on the ecology of cities and towns, improves the quality of life.


Recycling of materials obtained as a result of processing, will allow less use of new building materials. As a result, there will be less extraction of minerals, less energy spent for their production. That has a beneficial effect on the environment.

Economic efficiency

The use of our technology will significantly reduce the cost of removal and disposal of waste. And the use of the resulting recycled building materials will reduce the need to purchase new ones.


Metal fittings, can be used again or to pass to the point of reception of scrap metal. As a result, the cost of construction, renovation, demolition or repair of objects is reduced.


Production of MPR-1500


Manufacture of a unique press-destroying machine for processing of large-size concrete products

Production of crushing and screening complexes

anufacture of automated crushing and screening complexes of various configurations

Environmental technology



Innovative technologies for recycling

large construction waste

Service maintenance


Product warranty-18 months
Spare parts - Commissioning - installation  Supervision


years of work


months equipment warranty


new technological lines

In the production of MPR-1500
Compact construction
High mobility of press-destroying machine MPR 1500
No Foundation needed
Processing of reinforced concrete pile
Large-size reinforced concrete products





Demolition of the tv tower in Yekaterinburg-four thousand tons of concrete waste