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Crusher of large-size reinforced concrete products MPR-1500

Crusher of large-size reinforced concrete products MPR-1500

The basis of the product line for the processing of reinforced concrete products (RCP) and large construction waste is press-destroying machine MPR-1500.

MPR-1500 is a device of primary crushing.
The technical parameters of the installation are such that it is able to crush the overall pieces without the primary cutting. The MPR-1500 is served for grinding large-size concrete up to 12 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width. 

The machine crushes the concrete and removes the iron reinforcement at the same time.

Assembly of press-destroying machine MPR-1500 on the slipway of the plant

Technical characteristics of MPR-1500

Image MPR-1500 Assembly
  • Performance:
    - 35 m3 / h (when processing fragments of brick buildings)
    - 20 m3/hour (during the processing of railway products).

  • The maximum size of the processed material to 12000 mm * 1500 mm*600 mm;

  • At the request of the customer is offered a special. product with increased dimensions of the processed material;

  • Overall dimensions of the machine 17925 mm * 6325 mm*4370 mm;

  • Electric motor power 32 kW;

  • Weight 34 tons.

  • Hydraulic press capacity 1600 kN;

Drawing MPR-1500

Working drawing MPR-1500

Technical details MPR-1500:

Technical details MPR-1500

Multifunctional crushing and screening complexes

On the basis of the MPR-1500 installation, automated crushing and sorting complexes of various configurations are formed.

Having at the entrance of large concrete products, large elements of masonry, the output can be obtained:

  • secondary crushed stone, fractions 5-10, 10-20, 20-40, 40-70 mm

  • secondary fractional sand: 0.16-5 mm

  • stone flour: Sud = 2800-3500 cm2/g.

The productivity of such crushing and sorting complexes, depending on the configuration and nature of the processed raw materials will be 40-120 t/hour.

One of the variants of the layout of the crushing and screening complex

Stages of processing

Video with a multifunctional complex and the process of recycling concrete in Angarsk

Stages of processing of reinforced concrete scrap, concrete products and large construction waste do not depend on the complete set of crushing and screening complexes.

In the process of recycling occurs:

  • Loading of large-size material

  • Crushing of the loaded material in the press-destroying machine MPR-1500 to 100-200 mm

  • To extract and separate the components. Fittings, metal - are extracted and stored. Stone-transported to the grinding mill (the choice depends on the job.)

  • Grinding of concrete and stone to the required size

  • The separation secondary crushed stone in fractions of the unit with a Bang

The composition of crushing and screening complexes may include:

  • aggregate crushing pressure with the MPR-1500 (for coarse crushing);

  • crusher (for medium and fine crushing);

  • sorting unit;

  • conveyors;

  • automatic control system.

Our systems are fully automated.

Production lines for waste - free processing of construction waste create a new product in the form of popular building materials. The benefit from the use of secondary gravel, sand, scrap metal allows for the first year of operation of the complexes to recoup investments in the purchase of equipment.

Control panel MPR-1500

The introduction of complex processing and return to the industrial revolution of the secondary raw materials also conserves nature. Currently, most of the construction waste generated in the cities is transported to landfills and landfills, including illegal ones. The key task of the state in the field of ecology is to minimize the adverse impact on the environment, ensuring the human right to a clean, healthy, life – friendly environment.



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