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Service and support 

By purchasing the company's equipment, you get not only a high-quality installation, but also reliable service, training and support to ensure proper performance of the equipment.
We are committed to providing support in all aspects of operation and maintenance, from commissioning to maintenance of equipment, helping you to increase productivity, reduce operating costs throughout the life of our equipment.


Our company provides a guarantee for all supplied equipment.

The warranty period is 18 months.
The company guarantees stable and uninterrupted operation of our equipment. If you identify hidden problems or breakdowns, our experts will bring the equipment to its proper condition for free.

Гарантия на продукцию ООО "НПП ОПК" - 18 месяцев



Spare parts

Customers are guaranteed to be provided with service and timely delivery of necessary spare parts.

The most running spare parts are always available in warehouses.

Commissioning works

Commissioning of the MNR-1500 unit in the workshop

Commissioning is a set of works performed during the preparation and carrying out of individual tests and complex testing of equipment. Works on more fine and detailed tuning, performed on the mounted equipment, before commissioning. They are the final part of the construction and installation works.

The Commissioning includes:

  • preparatory works, including organizational and engineering preparation of the work required for commissioning;

  • adjustment of equipment (connection and synchronization of equipment operation);

  • training the customer's personnel in the practical skills of operating the equipment;

  • testing of technological modes under load;

  • adjustment work conducted before individual testing of process equipment;

  • registration of working and acceptance documents for start-up operations.


OBUKHOVSKAYA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Ltd carries out a full complex of starting-up and adjustment works for the delivered equipment.

Installation supervision

Our company carries out installation supervision of the equipment. 

Installation supervision consists in:

  • advice during installation of equipment;

  • departure of the expert to the place of installation work.

OBUKHOVSKAYA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Ltd carries out organizational and technical management, supervision and supervision of delivery and installation of the equipment at performance of installation works by specialists of the customer.

Conducting the Installation of our company